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Pictured is a screenshot of the front cover of "Things My Therapist Doesn't Want Me to Say: Ten Years Post Heart Transplant". The front cover is a selfie of a naked girl who is resting on the bathroom sink counter. The counter has a toothbrush, pillbox containers, toothpaste and a medication bottle scattered on it.  The girl has blue hair, is wearing green sunglasses and has a heart monitor.
At the age of twelve, Emma awoke one day in a hospital bed with no knowledge as to why she was there. She soon learned she had received a life-saving heart transplant. From then on, Emma was prescribed a new life structure that never felt like her own.
This memoir is her account of trying to let go of finding a reason for all the chaos in her life.

In the Press

Emma is interviewed by the founder and CEO of Transplant Families, Melissa McQueen. Transplant Families is a nonprofit that is working to enhance the lives of pediatric transplant recipients through conferences, discussion and advisory panels, and supporting hospital networks that are committed to improving patient outcomes. 

Melissa's praise quote can be found on the inside jacket of the hardcover version of #TTMTDWMTS.  

Listen here!

Channel 9, Bridge Street News

Bridge Street News, the local ABC affiliate for Syracuse, New York invites Emma on their morning segment to promote #TMTDWMTS. 

Watch it here.

'Cuse Conversations Podcast

Emma was invited to 'Cuse Conversations-- a podcast hosted by Syracuse University where listeners hear from current students, faculty members, and alumni.

Listen here

Outside the Box Podcast

Emma is interviewed by Dr. Janeane Bernstein, also a graduate of Syracuse University, and talks about how writing can be used as a tool for healing. 

Read about it here.

Watch it here

National Entrepreneurship Day

In honor of National Entrepreneurship Day, Emma reflects with Jack Rose, of Syracuse University '24, on the writing process and how her feelings have changed since the publication of #TMTDWMTS. Read about it here.

Studen Organ Donation Advocates (SODA) Interview

Emma has a Q&A session with Zoe Engles, a contributing writer, and editor for Student Organ Donation Advocates (SODA). Read about it here!

Amazon #1 New Release in Medical Specialties

1 day after releasing her E-Book, Emma made it to the top of the Medical Specialties New Release list on Amazon!

Tapinto Cranford

Emma's first interview since publishing her E-book on Amazon. Emma and Jen discuss the impacts of life-changing events that you have no control over. Read about it here!

The Cranford Patch

Emma's first interview since finishing her book. Read about it here!

The Commute to Class Podcast

Jack Lyons, of Syracuse University '21, and Emma have a conversation discussing the therapeutic nature of writing and the scariness of post-grad life. Listen here!

The Blackstone LaunchPad

Emma sits down with Clair Howard of Syracuse University '23 to discuss the inspiration behind starting Things My Therapist Doesn't Want Me to Say during the mid-way point in Emma's book-writing journey. Read here!

American Society of Transplantation Power Player

Emma writes about connecting with her past to start writing Things My Therapist Doesn't Want Me to Say. Read here!

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