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You Should Judge a Book By it's Cover 🤓

As an independent author, I thought that my work would be over once I wrote #Thingsmytherapistdoesntwantmetosay. However, that is not the case, and words like post-launch and #bestseller are racing around in my head. It can feel really isolating, sitting behind a computer from 9 to 5, often longer, researching indie bookstores, media outlets, podcasts, and building your brand, while trying to sell as many books as possible.

So, author community, I need your help. Please help me judge my book, and write reviews on my #Amazon page. The first step is visiting my author page here:

With your help, when someone Googles "Heart transplant success rate" or "Heart transplant facts", my journey can remind them that they're not alone. And most importantly, my stories can be one of the many #resources out there about organ and tissue donation and transplantation.

Here are some example reviews that could really boost how accessible my stories are:

  • "I have followed Emma's journey as she was researching and writing this book. It's amazing to see the finished product and how much of an impact it already is having."

  • "Emma nails it with this quote: [insert a quote from the book that you found exciting or impactful]. Worth a read. "

  • "Emma's transplant journey really drew me in because it was so honest, raw, and thoughtful. She didn't hold back explaining how she felt going through everything."

These are just a few examples of ways to leave reviews, feel free to use them as inspiration 📚 When you write a review, please let me know in the comments or send me a note through my website!

Thank you again for sticking through this with me, truly wouldn't be here without your support 🧡

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